Atlanta Air Charter, Inc. is a full-service charter company providing a wide range of services related to professional aviation. We provide a unique aircraft experience including on-demand Executive Air Transportation, Aircraft Management, Consulting, Crewing, Sales & Acquisition, Air Cargo & Freight Forwarding, Turbine Maintenance, and Professional Training. In operation since 2002, you can find our corporate headquarters at the Cobb County International Airport.

We offer significant discounts to our loyal customers and mentoring opportunities for young students interested in becoming a pilot or flight mechanic.


For inquires 9am-5pm please contact our Director of Business Development, Karina Simonis:

(470) 526-3020 |

Services We Offer

Aircraft Management

Atlanta Air Charter provides a professional aircraft management service. We handle every aspect relating to the care of your aircraft including maintenance, crew training, staffing, cleaning, and catering. Our service allows you to travel with peace of mind and focus on your business instead of maintaining your airplane. Please inquire about our ability to help offset your fixed cost of aircraft ownership.

Aircraft Acquisition

Atlanta Air Charter’s comprehensive buyer assistance program is designed to locate, evaluate, inspect and negotiate an aircraft purchase on your behalf. Our acquisition team will act in your interest and represent you through each step of the aircraft acquisition process. This program includes identification of needs, market search, and analysis, evaluation of available aircraft and negotiation of the best price.

Professional Crew Services

The Atlanta Air Charter team is committed to unparalleled customer satisfaction and service. The Atlanta Air Charter team is committed to unparalleled customer satisfaction and service. Our corporate safety-first orientation combines with an unprecedented level of aviation experience to meet and exceed your expectations. Our pilots have tens of thousands of flight hours including corporate, airline and military flying. We are all about relationship-building, and it is our goal for you to feel comfortable and at home flying with a familiar crew. We are all about relationship building so that you always feel comfortable and at home flying with a familiar crew. Your crew will know your expectations and work to exceed them.

Hangar and Office Space

We provide a large lobby with bathrooms, receptionist and conference room with your office lease. Our hangar will accommodate any type aircraft from a single engine piston to a Gulfstream. We are the only facility large enough to hangar the large cabin class aircraft on Cobb County/McCollum Field’s north side.

Aircraft Maintenance

Atlanta Air Maintenance offers Turbine Maintenance, specializing in King Airs and light jets. We employ a cadre of FAA-certified mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors, who perform their work in one of our large airplane hangars, directly facing the runway. We are available 24/7 at 770.419.2001.

Pilot Training

Atlanta Air Charter's sister company, Atlanta Air Academy, has been authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to perform primary and advanced flight training under 14 CFR Part 141. When learning to fly, it is comforting to know that your pilot training center has the full support and oversight of the FAA. Atlanta Air Academy's mission is to mentor young aviation enthusiasts; to instruct and guide them through the exciting and challenging process from student pilot all the way through solo, cross-country, and private pilot certification. Select candidates will have the opportunity to continue their training in multi-engine aircraft so that one day, they can become a professional pilot. Atlanta Air Academy is able to offer flight training to military members through VA assistance and to college students through Freddie Mac.

For more information, please see our academy website at