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Atlanta Air Charter provides an exceptional travel experience with our 100% safety rating for business, leisure, cargo and hazmat transport.  Our outstanding pilots and staff will ensure that you have transparent, first-rate customer service from your initial quote to landing safely at your final destination.

Private air travel is incredibly cost-effective compared to other carriers and commercial airlines with increased productivity and the prestige, comfort and privacy of your aircraft. Your overall experience with Atlanta Air Charter will be incomparable.

We offer:

  • 24/7, On-demand, flexible scheduling. Drive directly to your aircraft or we fly to you. We will park your vehicle in a secured hangar.
  • 100% Safety rating with outstanding pilots and staff who offer exceptional, transparent customer service from your initial quote to landing safely at your destination.
  • Hassle-free flying with no parking issues, no lines, no cramped seating with strangers, and no lost luggage. 
  • Increased efficiency with multiple destinations on a same-day schedule, reducing costs for overnight stays.
  • Reduced commuting time with access to airports near your destination(s).
  • Emergency air cargo parts and hazmat materials transportation, saving your company time and expense.

Atlanta Air Charter accommodates business trips that commercial airlines cannot.  You control your schedule with flexible travel to airports that are convenient to your destination. This flexibility allows you to fly to multiple destinations in one day and be home safely the same night.  

With Atlanta Air Charter, you can board your aircraft close to your vehicle and relax while our exceptional pilots fly you, your travel companions, and luggage safely to your destination.

Light Cargo
Atlanta Air Charter offers on-demand cargo transport for delivering parts and materials quickly.  Our service and competitive cargo rates cannot be beaten.

HAZMAT Transport
Atlanta Air Charter is certified to transport most hazardous materials. Whether it’s radioactive medicine, lab samples, or sensitive material, we can safely transport your Hazmat goods via our aircraft. 

How do we calculate our price?

We believe in complete transparency in quoting our flights. If applicable, other factors may contribute to the standard hourly rate when calculating the cost of a private charter flight:

  • Total billable flight time
  • Pre-positioning or re-positioning of the aircraft
  • One-way, round trip or multi-leg
  • Length of stay prior to return
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Airport fees
  • International fees
  • US segment fees
  • Short leg fees
  • Cost of fuel at the time of booking
  • Federal Excise Tax

Inclusive services:

  • Ground transportation
  • Other concierge services

Call us 24/7  for a custom quote. We will provide a reasonable, all-inclusive price via email or over the phone.

Pilot Flight Training

Atlanta Air Charter's sister company, Atlanta Air Academy, has been authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to perform primary and advanced flight training under 14 CFR Part 141, and has full support and oversight of the FAA.  Atlanta Air Academy's mission is to mentor young aviation enthusiasts and to instruct and guide students through the exciting and challenging process from student pilot to solo, cross-country, and private pilot certification. Select candidates will have the opportunity to continue their training in multi-engine aircraft with the goal of becoming a professional pilot. Atlanta Air Academy is able to offer flight training to military members through VA assistance and to college students through Freddie Mac.

For more information, please see our academy website at

More Charter Premium Services

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Fly Right™ Executive Travel Program

Atlanta Air Charter offers clients a more affordable option for private air charter through our Fly Right™ Executive Travel Program. This is a prepaid travel program to provide additional savings on all flights scheduled in advance and access to the entire fleet of aircraft - allowing you to choose the aircraft that best fits your needs for each trip.

Each member receives a detailed monthly statement reflecting all of the charges and discounts that have been applied to your account.

At the end of your contract period, any unused prepaid balance will be credited toward the next 12-month Fly Right™ Executive Travel Program.

Aircraft Maintenance

Atlanta Air Charter is now a full-service maintenance department for all of your aircraft maintenance needs. Our IA certified mechanics have decades of experience maintaining a wide variety of piston, turbo-propeller, and turbine powered aircraft. Safety and quality are guaranteed when you have your aircraft serviced with us. When your aircraft arrives we provide an itemized

quote for all work to be performed, as well as an expected completion date. Our staff is available 24/7 for inquiries about the progress of your repairs and updates can be provided daily. When your aircraft maintenance is complete, it will be cleaned and ready for pickup.  All logbook entries are delivered with the aircraft at the time of completion. Please feel free to call us for a quote or come by and visit our shop to talk to one of our highly trained technicians. We look forward to your visit.

For inquiries contact us anytime.


How much does air charter cost?

Atlanta Air Charter’s prices for charter are based on hours flown to/from your destination plus time incurred for layovers or overnights. There will be a minimum charge of two hours flight time per day based on the particular aircraft used for the trip.

What happens if my itinerary changes?

Should your itinerary change in any way, please let us know as soon as possible. We are flexible with departure time changes, additions/subtraction of passengers (space permitting) or even changes in destination.

What do I do when I arrive at the departure airport?

Your flight confirmation will include specific instructions. Our pilots will be at the airport ready for departure at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival.

What happens when the aircraft lands at the arrival airport?

When you arrive at your destination, your pilot will escort the passengers and any baggage to the terminal building, where they can meet with their onward transportation. Remember, Atlanta Air Charter can make arrangements for ground transportation and hotel needs.

Will refreshments be served on board the aircraft?

Yes, drinks and snacks are provided. We also have catering options available. Any special requests may be made through your charter coordinator. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Some special request may require up to 48 hours of advance notice.

How fast will I get there?

Considering the time of you saved by avoiding the headaches of commercial air travel; you have already saved 2 to 3 hours before you even begin. Your quote will include a detailed itinerary letting you know your departure time and when to expect your arrival time.

How do I book an aircraft?

Call Atlanta Air Charter at (770) 419–2001 and tell us where you want to go and when. You can suggest destination airports that are closest to where you need to be. Website visitors also have the option to use the online quote request form listed above.

When do I pay for the aircraft?

After you make your charter request, a quote will be emailed to you and you will have the option to pay via check, credit card, or wire transfer prior to departure.

Can you pick me up?

Atlanta Air Charter will be glad to arrange any ground transportation you may require, whether from your home/office to the airport, or at your destination. We can coordinate a rental car or van and/or a taxi or limousine to meet you at the airplane upon arrival at your destination airport.

What will happen when I confirm the flight?

Our Charter Coordinator will send you a full and complete itinerary which includes the aircraft tail number, the fight crew names and contact information, and all other necessary details of your trip.

What type of people fly on private charters?

Atlanta Air Charter has been entrusted to fly celebrities, foreign dignitaries, government officials, business leaders, professional athletes, and VIPs like you!

Need more information?

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